Brothels in the UK
Brothels in the UK

Brothels in the UK

Brothels in the UK are not illegal However, that doesn’t mean that it is illegal for anyone to offer sexual sex. Brothels are places where more than one person is involved in prostitution, usually to make money. A television show called A Very British Brothel aired earlier this year, and showed the dark side of the business.

The management of a brothel’s business has been slapped with severe fines

The government has taken the initiative to make brothels criminally liable. In response to pressure from the public, the Greiner Liberal government tightened the solicitation laws in 1988. The current laws will be implemented in phases. A warning and a caution will be included. The more serious the incident is, the more likely prosecution is.

The government has based its new laws on section 33 of the Sexual Offences Act 1956. It is illegal to run or operate a brothel. The new laws will make the punishments tougher.

Trafficked women work in brothels

Women who are trafficked work in brothels to provide commercial sex to a large number of men every day. They are typically of Latin American origin, but they may also come from other countries. Traffickers target them as women to be their girlfriends or offer jobs. Traffickers also look for women who are suffering from financial hardship.

Trafficking is a huge problem all over the world. Many victims have no other alternative but to perform sexual acts to earn money. They often have no education and are unable to find work, and therefore, they turn to prostitution to support themselves and their families. Brothels lock women against their will and make them perform sexual acts in exchange for money.

escort agency of sex work in the Netherlands

In the Netherlands the legalisation of sexual work is a relatively recent development. The Dutch authorities allowed brothels to operate in the year 2000. The Dutch authorities legalized brothels in 2000 with the intent to make brothel owners more accountable. The new law also makes sex work a legal occupation, and sex workers have the same rights as other workers. They also have to pay income taxes since 2011.

The Dutch government was attempting to improve the working conditions for prostitutes as well as combat human trafficking. However, after twenty years it is now clear that the policy was not working. Amsterdam’s mayor even acknowledged that the red-light district was not sustainable.